shopping at Hampi Bazar

While visiting Hampi, you will not only be greeted with the many historical monuments and temples, but the local markets that excite the shoppers. While on a holiday, one not only looks at enjoying the various sites of the place but also the local shopping that the place offers. The royal market of the Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi Bazaar is one such place where you can enjoy local shopping experience and enjoy a fun-filled time with your family and friends.

Both a historic and a religious site in India, Hampi was originally the capital of the Hindu empire, Vijayanagara, which ruled the south India during 14th to 16th century AD. The ruins of this once majestic place cover an area of more than 25 square kilometres. The place has plethora of temples, palaces, market streets and ancient monuments.

Hampi shopping is probably the best to save for the end of the traveling. Shops are all around Hampi. Most of them are outside of the Virupaksa temple and all around the temple selling clothes, jewelry, bags, scarfs, toys and all other things that attract tourists. All of these things are from different parts of India. In the Hampi Bazaar, near the Virupaksha temple, are rows of shops displaying merchandise you can pick up. The Lambani nomads are famous for their embroidered textiles and jewellery.

From gold and diamonds to horses and cows, the markets boasted of a variety which impressed even visitors from foreign shores! These marketplaces weren’t like our roadside shops, but well planned and well laid out areas, paved with stones, with residences for the merchants as well stables for their mounts! Nothing much remains of these bazaars except the pathways and the water tanks which mark their boundaries. Today, the name ‘Hampi Bazaar’ signifies a row of shops outside the Virupaksha temple, selling the sort of stuff which appeals to tourists.

This place has a number of shops–shops for tourist clothes, souvenirs and handcraft shops. This place is a labyrinth, and in every single passage, you will find small shops, interesting restaurants, cafe shops, and you can buy almost everything. There are hippie style dresses and shirts, jewels, bags, wooden statues of Gods, paintings, etc. This is a paradise for American and western shoppers. If a woman tourist wants to buy Sari, this is not the right place. Better look somewhere else, but jewelry here is amazing and tourists should definitely buy something for friends and family here.