The Durga Temple

The Durga Temple is one of Varanasi’s many sacred places of worship, a striking red-hued temple adorned with religious icons. Durga Kund Temple is one of the important Temples of Varanasi, also known as “Monkey Temple” because of the presence of large number of monkeys that reside in the nearby trees. Durga Mandir was constructed in 18th century by Bengali Maharani (Bengali Queen).

The temple is dedicated to the Goddess Durga. Next to the temple, is a kund (pond) which was earlier connected to the river Ganges. It is believed that the existing icon of the goddess was not made by a man but appeared on its own in the temple. A millions of Hindu devotees go to the Durga temple in the Navratri and other propitious occasions and pray to the Goddess Durga to complete their wishes.

In Hinduism, Durga is represented as the embodiment of shakti or female power, clad in red, riding a tiger and fully armed with Shiva’s trident, Vishnu’s discus and a sword.

Another prominent location named Durga Ghat is located in close vicinity of the temple. Being one of the well known ghats in Varanasi, Durga Ghat was built by a saintly person, Narayana Diksit in 1772. The ghat also houses a small temple dedicated to Kharva Narsimha.

The Durga Temple in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh is a fine example of the Shikhara or North Indian style of Temple architecture. Positioned on top of a rectangular tank referred to as the Durga Kund, this ochre red colored temple boasts of a multi tiered Shikhara that never fails to catch anyone’s attention. Separate Spires are built one on top of the other to form the Shikhara and the diameter of these spires keep decreasing with increasing height. This temple is made up in the square shape with the red color stone representing the color of the Mata Durga.

People have a belief that the Holy Scriptures confirms the location of Goddess Durga at this spot only and she has kept this place for many centuries. She is said to protect Varanasi from the south, as one of the fierce goddess guardians of the sacred zone.