Coracle ride in Hampi

Coracle ride is one of the most adventurous and thrilling activity one can experience. Though mostly popular as a part of South India tourism, coracles have been existing since ages in India. Coracle, also known as Dongi, is a bowl-shaped boat made of reed, saplings and hide. For one of the most thrilling boat rides complete with whirlpools, high currents and crocodiles, go for a fun filled coracle ride on Tungabhadra River. Riding in a coracle on the Tungabhadra is a thrilling experience.

Coracle ride is a quiet and peaceful experience rather than the ride in noisy motorboats. With around 5 centuries back, this coracle is the same source with the small changes from leather to PVC. The tourists use this coracle ride to cover the famous sites of Virupaksha temple, kodandarama temple and Vittala temple during their Hampi tour.

On an average a coracle takes about 6-8 people. At Hampi there are three places you would find the coracle crossings.

The first one is near the Virupaksha temple. That’s the Ghat (bathing place) adjacent to the temple. The crossing is mainly for crossing over to the other side of the river (the Virupapurgadde).

The second ‘coracles spot’ is in front of the Kodandarama temple near the Riverside Ruins. There is a big bathing ghat here too.

The third and the most important ferry point is near the Vittala temple. The road that goes to Anegondi ends here at the ‘work in progress bridge’. So the ferry is the only shortcut to proceed towards Anegondi

Conveniences for a breathtaking coracle ride along the extent of the Thungabhadra River are readily accessible in the ferries in Hampi. Small reed boats, even though not looking predominantly powerful or contented, can leave one with an enchanting experience. One can go through the comparatively calm waters under the bright sun rays or under the clear blue sky. The landscape along the river banks is amazingly striking.